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A Life Steeped in Sound


Nefertiti. Meaning: "The Perfect One Has Arrived"

I am Nefertiti Jones and I am far from perfect. If anything, I’m perfectly imperfect. I grew up in Alphabet City during the 70s and 80s, back when it was rough and decrepit. I fell in love with music, created a music program for kids in foster care, became a casting director, and wrote a book about my life. Welcome.

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Diamonds In The Sky

"We were so restless back in the days

Like Bonnie and Clyde we were sculpted from clay

Baby that got our backs against the wall

The skyline is brighter than the Taj Mahal"

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"She's so lovely she lights up the sky and she doesn't know why. She's counting the stars as she's crashing her car. And when she smiles, smiles upside down"

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My Memoir

Alphabet City, A City Within A City is a harrowing yet humorous coming-of-age story about two siblings surviving an eccentric, unstable family and one of the most horrific neighborhoods in New York City history. Raised by a white, educated mother from the suburbs who quoted Poe, smoked a pipe, and collected switchblades, and a charismatic yet delusional African-American father who slept in a tent in the living room, Derek and Titi Jones struggled to define themselves in the derelict, junkie jungle of Alphabet City during the 1970s and ’80s.

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The school my mother taught at
Wacky Packy Stickers
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Alphabet City
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